Kisah pelajar IPT melayu islam di Lembah Klang, ibu bapa tolong ambil perhatian

Kisah pelajar IPT melayu islam di Lembah Klang, ibu bapa tolong ambil perhatian

Kisah pelajar IPT melayu islam di Lembah Klang, ibu bapa tolong ambil perhatian.

Read teacher Mohd Fadli Salleh’s writing just now about DS (Dark Side) twitter, my heart felt like telling a darker issue than that.

This is the story of IPT students in Klang Valley, Muslim Malay. Just 2 days ago.

They were a gang of 6. Chatting with the first person, her name is Syaya (not her real name).

Kisah pelajar IPT melayu islam di Lembah Klang, ibu bapa tolong ambil perhatian

I also ask the first question, “how old? ”

Syasya replied, “only 20 years”.

I keep saying, “oh still young, more or less SPM graduate”.

I ask again, “do you take care of your prayers? ”

Syaya responded, “since I was a child I have never prayed. My parents always ask me to, but when I don’t pray in the room, I feel lazy”.

Chat and chat, I also told that he has a DS twitter account and telegram channel to post that 18 * + thing. They say they can make money, people pay to get access.

In my life, I’ve had sex more than 100 times, with the interchangeable partners. Been doing this since age 13. Lots of birth control pills in stock. Been pregnant for 2 months, kept taking pills to knock it out.

When he told me about it, I was also shocked for a while, it’s rare to hear confessions from his own master.

Syasya continues again. “Now there’s a sugar daddy, once you go out you can get RM150 at the minimum. If you’re still hardworking, you can collect more than RM5000 a month. Didn’t do anything, went out with a career boyfriend just drinking”.

If you want to say that going to clubbing and drinking alcohol is very common, going 4-5 times a week. When asked why he wanted to go, he said “You Only Live Once, I want to enjoy life when I’m young”.

I ask again, “don’t your parents know you’re doing things like this”.

Syasya replied, “oh they don’t know. It’s only now that the clothes are this bad, when I go home I become a true Muslim. If they only knew I’d be an adopted child by now”.
He told all sorts of stories, I started to ask why he did all that.

I told you, “parents always don’t appreciate. In the past I got 4A 4B in SPM, but my parents only complain about B, that A did not appreciate. ”

“Parents are busy working, not growing very much with them. Sitting a lot with friends. ”

“In our IPT, more than 80% of students behave like us, so this is normal, many do the same thing. Because there are a few friends. ”

Initially the chat was at the restaurant, then they took it to their home to introduce their other friends. This is Syaya’s story, there are 5 more of her friends’ stories that are darker.

Parents, don’t take it for granted when giving love to your children. Human nature needs love. If he can’t get through his parents, he will find someone else. Parents need to start checking their children’s activities, try asking your classmates and roommates.

Most importantly, choose a circle that has religious biah. Friends in this university have a lot of influence on a person’s attitude and actions. Don’t mistakenly enter the lizard’s hole, it’s hard to find a way out.

This is our collective responsibility to educate the community especially the teens. The preaching does not reach these people, there are many more holes that we need to dig.

May we, our children and our friends be kept away from acts like this.

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